Kanyakumari : Trying to catch the rising sun

28th Jul 2015

Kanyakumari : Trying to catch the rising sun

It is an awesome experience travelling with a friend. Especially with the one who knows you better. I have no idea when I thought about going for a trip to Kanyakumari. Like every other trips, this also started without prior plans. One evening me and Linto agreed on this and within few hours we packed necessary items and headed to Kanyakumari.

We started our journey around 8PM evening. Being a being, who need to consume food to keep ourselves up and running, we halted to get some food. It was around 10 PM. Since, it was a long travel and we were not sure about the quality of food at night, we decided to have something plain and ended up ordering chappathi and some veg curry.

After having surprisingly average food, We continued our journey. Around 3 AM, we reached Kanyakumari. Sunrise is at 6AM, We had plenty of time to take rest. So we checked in decent hotel and took a short nap and charged all our devices. It's 5.30 AM, going to see the sunrise. Excited! The view point was only walkable distant away from the place we've stayed.


I did not expected such crowd for an event which is happening on daily basis. Then I realised, We have traveled this long to see this and other people also done the same. Silly me! waiting... waiting... & more waiting

Looks like we will have to wait more... Suddenly!, We heard some local people saying, sunrise won't be visible today as there are a lot of rain clouds.! We travelled this long just to see this and it's been obscured by the gang of vapour! That's not fair!. Then, our surroundings started to fill with more photons as the final nail in the coffin shattering our hopes to see the sunrise in its full beauty.

More light started to hit the ground whispering in our ears "not today". And it was more obvious to us before, so we replied "Duh!!! We knew it, Mr. Photon". The crowd started to disappear, leaving few people here and there taking pictures. Among them there was my buddy Linto experimenting more shots.

Of course, there are shots of dummy starfish.


Teddy bears??? Why not!!!


Even though we couldn't see what we came for, we had good pleasant morning. It was really nice! We planned to visit Vivekanda Rock after our breakfast.