React Ant Design Dynamic Graphql Form Using Typescript : Part (1/3)

19th Mar 2019

React Ant Design Dynamic Graphql Form Using Typescript : Part (1/3)

This is an advanced typescript tutorial for react development.


Often we encounter situations where we have to write the basic forms (register, login, newsletter,etc..) and submit them for graphql mutations. It's a tiresome task to do it for all the forms in your project. To tackle such situation we can create a dynamic form generator with full static type support and custom validation handler.

1. Define the interfaces

Create a file called interface.ts and add the following interfaces.

1.1 Form Field

IFormField<TVariables> provides the definition for all individual field items. Where TVariables are the form element ids (check the final example)

import { GetFieldDecoratorOptions, WrappedFormUtils } from 'antd/lib/form/Form'

export interface IFormField<TVariables> extends FormItemProps {
  key?: string
  decoratorOption: GetFieldDecoratorOptions
  componentProps: InputProps
  customValidator?: (
    form: WrappedFormUtils<TVariables>,
    value: any,
    callback: (err?: string) => void
  ) => void

1.2 Form Items

IFormItems<TVariables> contains all the field definitions for given variable keys.

export type IFormItems<TVariables> = {
  [T in keyof TVariables]: IFormField<TVariables>

1.3 Base props

IGenericFormBaseProps<TVariables, TData> is the base interface for form component. Base interface provides all the necessary component props except the props from antd FormComponentProps<TVariables> interface. TData is the result interface of graphql mutation.

export interface IGenericFormBaseProps<TVariables, TData> {
  submitBtnLabel: string
  fields: IFormItems<TVariables>
  fieldOrder: Array<keyof TVariables>
  transformValues?: (values: TVariables) => any
  loadingMessage: string
  mutationSchema: string
  onSuccess?: (data: TData) => void

1.4 Form Props

This is our final interface. This extends from IGenericFormBaseProps<TVariables, TData> & ormComponentProps<TVariables>

export interface IGenericFormProps<TVariables, TData>
  extends IGenericFormBaseProps<TVariables, TData>,
    FormComponentProps<TVariables> {}